50 Miles in Disney- How to Save Your Feet While Having Fun

50 Miles in Disney- How to Save Your Feet While Having Fun

50 Miles in Disney- How to Save Your Feet While Having Fun

We did over 50 miles in the span of a week, all in amusement parks. From January 28- February 2, we immersed ourselves in the magic of Disney World and the excitement of Universal Studios. This isn’t our first big Disney Trek- actually, this isn’t even the most miles we’ve covered in the parks before- but I know there’s other Disney Adults out there that could use some extra tips & tricks to make the long days easier. 

Here’s our daily mileage & steps so you can get a good idea of just HOW much walking we did:

January 28th (we arrived to Disney this day so it was a half day)- 6.13 miles/ 15,399 steps

January 29th- 10.8 miles/ 27,669 steps

January 30th- 11.73 miles/ 28,844 steps

January 31st- 9.39 miles/ 23,564 steps

February 1st- 10.18 miles/ 25,831 steps (this day totaled 11 flights!)

February 2nd- 12.43 miles/ 32,219 steps

One thing I did take away from this week- Universal Studios has WAY more stairs than Disney World. During our 1 day at Universal we climbed 11 flights according to my apple watch. 

But here’s the question- how did we do it and not die? I’ll admit, Advil was a good friend by the end of the week, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve that helped keep the Disney Rash at bay and make your feet not throb at the end of the evening. 

My biggest tip- get you some good shoes. And I’m not talking about Crocs… I know everyone says they are great for the parks but let's be realistic- your feet are going to sweat and slide and end up with blisters. Now if you are going at a casual pace this could be a fine option, but if you are like us and decide to pull an insane amount of miles, this isn’t an option. 

I packed 2 pairs of Hokas to alternate through the week. I did make the mistake of wearing the same ones two days in a row and it pinched my little toe weird- but I thought ahead and packed blister bandaids so I was set. 

On the nights that our feet really wanted to give out, we soaked them in a tub of hot water. Future trips I will be packing a small container of epsom salt just for this. 

But here’s my biggest takeaway- Biofreeze. I purchased the spray and the nighttime roll on. At night I would roll the night time blend on the bottom of my feet and on my shins and hips, then in the morning I would spray the bottom of my feet with Biofreeze to help keep any lingering thoughts of weakness at bay. 

I didn’t think the Biofreeze would be this big of a hack, but it made the WORLD of a difference for me compared to past trips. Next time I will pack it into our park bag for sure so I can reapply during the day as needed. 

So, here’s the recap for everything you NEED to cover insane miles when you're in the House of Mouse:

  1. 2 pairs of high-quality tennis shoes (I prefer Hoka, but OnCloud is a good option as well)
  2. Do NOT break your shoes in at the park- wear them for several weeks BEFORE your trip so you are used to them, and they aren't in the horrible new shoe phase of life.
  3. Blister Bandaids- bring more than you think you need and various sizes. On day 3 I wrapped the sides of my big toes with them as a preventative measure. I like the Compeed Advanced Blister Care, Heel & Foot Patches.
  4. Biofreeze Pain Relieving 360 Spray
  5. Biofreeze Overnight Joint and Muscle Pain Relief Roll-On
  6. Advil- or your pain reliever of choice. I took this almost every night before bed so I could fully relax and be ready for the next day.
  7. Good Socks (I wore crew socks the whole time, so I didn’t chance blisters on my Achilles)

I’d also recommend a good game plan for each day. I wake up at 6:45 each morning to purchase our Genie+ and book our first ride and/or purchase the individual lightning lanes for those high-profile rides like Tron & Guardians of the Galaxy. 

If you have any questions about our Disney adventures or need help booking your own Magical Getaway- click the link below or shoot me a message! I’d love to help make your dreams come true (and can totally plan it too where you aren’t clearing 50 miles in a week)

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